Super Saluki Billboard

Saiph was welcomed to the United States with a giant billboard:


For this 4 star assignment I went online to the internet and found an image of a billboard and downloaded it and saved it to a PowerPoint slide. I opened another slide and created a collage of pictures of Saiph. I then used Insert>Text Box to create the text. Highlighting each piece of text I sized them and changed the color to white. To achieve the archedĀ  lettering I usedĀ  Tools Format>Text Effect>Transform>Wrap and chose the arches I was looking for. Next I held down the CTRL Key and clicked on each photo and the text. Going back to Format I clicked the group button and then Copied and sized the slide so that it fit on top of the billboard white space. I then saved the project in the PowerPoint format and then re-saved it as a JPG File.

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