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Saiph – Welcome to America

Saiph – Welcome to America

Saiph the Super Saluki’s Personal Story. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/personal-stories/ This 3 Star assignment was lots of fun. The primary program I used was MovieMaker on my Sony Laptop. Using my photo and video gallery on OneDrive, where I had uploaded all of my photos and video from […]

G W Zimmerman Week 4 Weekly Summary

G W Zimmerman Week 4 Weekly Summary

Week 4 Fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, vast quantities of black coffee, and one or two adult libations (dirty martinis) I powered through this week. I refused to get frustrated by software and programs that were not senior citizen friendly. Years ago when […]

Where My Shoes Took Me

Where My Shoes Took Me

This four-star assignment was great fun. It provided me with significant challenges and opportunities to excel.


I took the video while out on my 0600 morning walk with my pup Nelly. I used my iPhone to record two separate video clips. It took me no time at all to airdrop the two videos from my iPhone to my iPad. Initially I attempted to use iMovie’s to work with the video and to download the video that I produced into Vimeo. That was an abject failure.

I then decided to email the finished iMove video to my Sony laptop where I had installed MovieMaker. I ran into file size issues and that do not work.

I went back to plan A and using iMovie’s I was able to create two short videos that I was able to email to my laptop.

The process of manipulating the movies using MovieMaker and combining them was relatively seamless and I found the add title and credits function easy to understand and use. I then ran into another real-world block that stymied me for a number of hours. I could not get Vimeo to download my video project file.

Perseverance and dumb luck pays off. I  discovered, while doing my other video assignment, that by saving my movie to the Apple iPhone “File>Save Movie>Apple iPhone” in MovieMaker I was able to save the movie as an MPEG-4 that Vimeo voraciously sucked up.

Pretty darn cool.

Mr. Z  Important Things in My Life

Mr. Z Important Things in My Life

This 4 1/2 star assignment captures one of the fundamental aspects of my personality. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/i-am-me/ I am a saluki hound aficionado. I have had saluki hounds for over 55 years of my life. I received my first saluki as a child, growing up in Saudi […]