Mr. Z Important Things in My Life

This 4 1/2 star assignment captures one of the fundamental aspects of my personality.

I am a saluki hound aficionado. I have had saluki hounds for over 55 years of my life. I received my first saluki as a child, growing up in Saudi Arabia, from one of our Saudi neighbors who acquired the pop from a Bedouin friend of his. For the last 20 years I have always had at least four salukis in my house. This coming Sunday my new pup, Saiph (Sword in Arabic) will arrive at Dulles by air from Bahrain.

Putting this video together was relatively straightforward. My two primary tools were PowerPoint and MovieMaker.

I started off by ensuring that all of the pictures I planned on using had been converted to JPEG. I then open PowerPoint, chose a blank presentation, created the title page, created individual slides in which I embedded the photographs that I had converted to JPEG, created a credit page, saved the entire project in a JPEG format.

I then opened up MovieMaker and created a new project. I then individually added JPEG from the PowerPoint into MovieMaker. I then save the project into its own unique file.

The next step was the most critical. I then saved the file again this time using the “Save Movie” drop-down, under file, and selecting save for Apple iPhone. This saved the movie as a MPEG-4/H.264 Video File. Once the software converted the file it gave me the option to play the video. It is a good thing to test it to make sure it works.

Once I finished testing the video I opened up my Vimeo account and clicked on the upload video hyperlink, chose the filename, an uploaded the file. The actual upload and conversion took about one minute but, happy days it worked.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Z Important Things in My Life”

  • I love how many posts you have about your pups! They’re lucky to have someone who loves them as much as you do. 🙂 The story behind your Saluki love is so interesting, too. I don’t know if I could ever be loyal to one breed. I go to the SPCA and kidnap all the senior dogs, no matter what they look like.
    I would have loved to hear a voice-over story about your puppers, or maybe some music to match how relaxed and happy they look.

    • Thanks!
      My pups give me great pleasure . My newest guy, Saiph (I call him Buddy) arrived yesterday from Bahrain…a 24 hour trip with a 7 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany. Today he had his first professional puppy spa visit. He now is a very handsome dude. I will include him in this week’s blog.

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