Saiph – Welcome to America

Saiph the Super Saluki’s Personal Story.

This 3 Star assignment was lots of fun.

The primary program I used was MovieMaker on my Sony Laptop. Using my photo and video gallery on OneDrive, where I had uploaded all of my photos and video from my iPhone, I spent a bit of time organizing the various pieces of media so that I knew the order I would insert them in. All told, my initial video had 26 images/videos.

Once I had the sequencing down I trimmed the time that photos were displayed in half. I then edited the videos. The saluki hunting scene was edited to remove the actual kill and the video of Saiph walking by himself was cut significantly. I left the video of him walking near the trash can intact because I wanted to show just how “rough” the lives of animals can be in the Middle East, especially in the cities.

Once I trimmed the video to the point that it was under 3 minutes. I added a Title Page and Credits. I then added the SALUKIZIM production logo at the end.

My next task was to find a musical sound track. Using the Add Music tab in MusicMaker I was able to go to and find music with a Middle Eastern flavor that had just the right sound for the video. Once I selected the music, Movie maker inserted it into the video.

My next task was to use the Record Narration function. I wrote a script and added the narration into the video.

Throughout the process, at each step I saved my project…I didn’t want to start again from scratch.

My next step was the most critical: File>Save Movie>Apple iPhone. This saved my movie as an MPEG-4 file.

Once the movie was saved I uploaded it to Vimeo and the rest is history.



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