Where My Shoes Took Me

This four-star assignment was great fun. It provided me with significant challenges and opportunities to excel.


I took the video while out on my 0600 morning walk with my pup Nelly. I used my iPhone to record two separate video clips. It took me no time at all to airdrop the two videos from my iPhone to my iPad. Initially I attempted to use iMovie’s to work with the video and to download the video that I produced into Vimeo. That was an abject failure.

I then decided to email the finished iMove video to my Sony laptop where I had installed MovieMaker. I ran into file size issues and that do not work.

I went back to plan A and using iMovie’s I was able to create two short videos that I was able to email to my laptop.

The process of manipulating the movies using MovieMaker and combining them was relatively seamless and I found the add title and credits function easy to understand and use. I then ran into another real-world block that stymied me for a number of hours. I could not get Vimeo to download my video project file.

Perseverance and dumb luck pays off. I  discovered, while doing my other video assignment, that by saving my movie to the Apple iPhone “File>Save Movie>Apple iPhone” in MovieMaker I was able to save the movie as an MPEG-4 that Vimeo voraciously sucked up.

Pretty darn cool.

5 thoughts on “Where My Shoes Took Me”

  • I am doing this assignment later today. I have already taken the videos and airdropped them to my computer which was easy, and I have downloaded iMovie and I’m hoping it’s not too hard to use! I am going to post my video on my youtube channel, so I’m hoping I won’t run in to any major uploading issues. I will keep in mind the compatible file types, though.

    • Jenna,
      I look at your blog for inspiration…it really is great! My Mac is toast so I am stuck with using my iPhone, iPad, and Sony VAIO laptop…I will be interested to see how you do with this…I am going to try to figure out how to upload video into youtube later today.

  • I love this assignment! I’m happy you did it because I was about to do it, but I didn’t know how to approach it. However, I would’ve made the video longer and maybe speed it up a bit so people could guess where you were walking to. I liked how you included us in your daily journey! It was very creative.

    • Thank you!
      This really was a fun “First Step”. Actually before I started having issues with moving my video from my iPad to my Sony PC Laptop the video was almost 3 minutes long. It took me a couple of attempts to chop it down before it would move. I’m still trying to figure out air dropping from a mac to a pc. I will keep at it and try again once I have some breathing room.

  • This was a unique video, showing where you went throughout the day. I didn’t really get the story you were telling, however, and maybe you could have included different sounds to show that you were taking your dog out for a walk. Maybe even showing just your dog sniffing your feet when you stopped would have been enough to convey a message. Other than that, it was very creative.

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