Do You Hear What I Hear – A Day in My Life

To make this sound bite I use my iPhone’s voice memo application. I played the various recordings into the microphone I have attached my computer and then manipulated each of the recordings using my new best friend, Audacity.

This recording starts with my daily 6 AM dog walk.  Nelly, my youngest saluki, likes to go out on the lead so whether it is raining, snowing, or just plain hot and miserable I get to go out with her. Because we live out in the country there are always lots of critters around. In the fall we have deer on our property. Our deer are quite brazen and make for some very lively and exciting walks. After their morning breakfast the pups, as you can hear in the Sound Cloud recording, take great joy in letting me know when there are squirrels and other intruders in the front yard.

The recording ends with me filling the gas tank on my lawn mower and then mowing my lawn. Because of the rain, and classes it has been tough to find the time for this chore. By the time I got to it this week the grass had grown to almost 6 inches in length. I will not let that happen again.




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