GW Zimmerman Week 5 Summary

A long time ago in the magic Kingdom of Bahrain a super saluki was born. He was the son of champions. He was a true son of the sands. His ancestors were famous hunters sought after for their stamina and hunting prowess. He was given the name Saiph, which means “Sword” and is one of the stars in the constellation Orion.

Saiph was special. He, of all of his brothers and sisters, was destined to travel a great distance to a new home, in a far away place where it was rumored to be green and have lots of trees.

Saiph’s human mother decided that prior to his departure from Bahrain he needed to learn human ways. She enlisted that aid of a close friend who taught Saiph to do the thinks humans prefer mere dogs to do…like walk on a lead, sit, stay, and go outside when nature calls…Saiph found all of this demeaning…he was a Prince of the Desert.

But he was also a good student and learned his lessons…even though he preferred the couch to the floor…couches and beds are for salukis!

It took a little over a year for the big trip to happen. When it did…what an adventure. The flight from the Magic Kingdom took 6 hours to Germany. There was a 7 hour wait in an airport animal shelter and then a horrible 8 hour flight to America.

Wouldn’t you know it the airline, when he arrived in America, lost his crate somewhere out on the tarmac…It took 1/2 an hour of frantic searching and it was finally found safely being held in a shaded area by a very nice baggage handler…crisis averted.

The customs agents who checked him in said, “Welcome to America!”

Saiph is in his new home where the adventure is just beginning. He has a new big brother, Dani, who took an instant liking to him. He has two new sisters, Willow and Nelly, who are showing him all of the ropes and are making sure he gets lots of walks.

Super Saluki Billboard


Hello Bahrain


Saiph’s 24 Hour Day


Saiph Missing at Dulles Airport


SALUKIZIM Productions


Saiph – Welcome to America

Wow! This class was great! I had so much fun and this last group of assignments was perfect. 5 weeks ago I had no idea. Today I have a smattering of knowledge and I feel dangerous. I have thought a great deal about what I would do differently…Not much. I think that each of us learns in our own way. There are a thousand ways to get to any destination…sometimes it is the difficult path that is the most rewarding.



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