Photography – What I learned

As in everything in life, slowing down and taking the time to breathe the air and enjoy the moment cures more ills than hastily diving in and mucking things up.

I found the advice in the, “How to Be a Better Photographer” section of the DS 106 handbook,, to be poignant and spot on.I also found the advice to put a great foreground in front of a great background a reminder that it is not a bad idea to focus onĀ  the foreground.

This afternoon, while walking my dog in the backyard, I took a number of photographs looking into the woods. I specifically took photographs that accentuated the foreground. I think they came out relatively decently. Attached is one that I particularly liked.

This photograph was taken looking up from the base of an oak tree through the branches and leaves. It gives an interesting perspective. I especially like the texturing seen on the bark.

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