Reflection on the Vignelli Canon


As a neophyte I found the Vignelli Canon interesting on several levels. The book is extremely readable and the graphics and imagery is extraordinarily visually appealing.

My initial reaction to the authors discussion on paper size, where he touts the advantages and symmetry of the European “A” series paper sizes over plebeian American sized paper, was one of being annoyed at the author’s Eurocentric superiority. Once I convinced myself to” get over it”, I found it fascinating to see the discussion as it evolved. I specifically found the author’s discussion on timeliness and design very easy to understand and apply.

I also found it his discussion on different typefaces very informative. I liked the fact that a basic toolkit of eight typefaces will more than adequately meet the requirements of most beginning graphic artists.

The one area that I found most  interested  was his use of grids to demonstrate how to achieve visually balanced and  appealing documents.

Reflecting back discussion on A4 paper I realized that standard American sized paper does not have the clean symmetry that paper based on a metric standard has. All in all, I found the Vignelli Canon useful and a worthwhile read.

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