Sound Effects Story: Trip to the Grocery

This 3 1/2 star sign assignment provided me with the opportunity to take an imaginary round trip excursion to the grocery store in my Land Rover. In preparation for my excursion I spent a few hours getting familiar with Audacity. One of the hints given in the DS106 handbook was a reference to YouTube video/tutorials. After trying unsuccessfully to decipher the online audacity manual I decided to give it a try…a smart move that saved me hours of frustration.

I also availed myself of the sound effects available at By planning out my story I was able to find five soundtracks for my project. By using the various techniques taught in the YouTube video I was able to select, cut, duplicate, move, and manipulate all the soundtracks to create my 90 second trip from home, to the local grocery store, and back.

What you hear in the sound cloud below is me getting into the car, buckling my seat belt, starting the car up, and driving to the store. At the store I collect a shopping basket and  after shopping going through the checkout line. I then get back into the car and then drive home.

Let me know how you like it.


2 thoughts on “Sound Effects Story: Trip to the Grocery”

  • I really enjoyed your sound effects assignment! I liked that you included every sound possible. From putting the keys into the ignition, starting the car, driving away, etc. It was very thoroughly done that I could picture everything that was going on. If anything, I just would’ve enhanced the sound of the smaller details. Another thing I enjoyed was that you made it a full story from going to the grocery store to coming back. I thought that was very clever!

  • This was really great, I felt from the moment I entered that I was in a car, listening to the engine and the rattling that the truck in your picture seemed to project. When you entered the grocery store, however, I got mixed vibes. The first time I thought that the beeping was the alarm going off and you had just robbed the place, which was a fine story for me to follow along the first time through! After reading your summary, however, I was able to picture the situation correctly and take a look through your day at the grocery store. The way you added several layers to the car and your drive to the grocery store was nice and immersive. If anything, I felt like it was a little too quiet, but then I thought about what kind of atmosphere that projected. This may have been unintentional, but I enjoyed just listening to the sound of one person walking through the store and that just being an average thing.

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