Week 1 Weekly Summary

Welcome to my week 1 weekly summary.

This week proved to be very challenging. I got off to a bad start by jumping ahead of myself by creating a website and blog that I paid for. As soon as I published it on the World Wide Web I received over 100 emails and phone calls from web developers who wanted to help me create my perfect website. I dropped that website and blog and followed the guidance in the material provided as part of the course material.  My first lesson learned was that I really need to read all of the material that Professor Polack provides. If I had taken the time to follow her detailed instructions from the very beginning I would have saved myself hours of frustration, wasted money, and aggravation.

What saved me was the appointment that I made to see the professor where in typical fashion I promptly forgot my UMW password to my iPad. At the end of the meeting I went to the Hurley Center to visit the IT folks for a password reset. These folks were terrific. They reset my password and they gave me one piece of valuable advice, which if I had bothered to read paragraph one of the intro and visual design instructions that professor Polack provided, I would already have known…to visit the  Digital Knowledge Center on the fourth floor of Hurley. Following the advice of the IT folks, I marched upstairs to the fourth floor where a terrific young lady spent almost an hour helping me to make my website and blog. Trust me, on Tuesday I will visit them again to fine tune and cleanup my blog.

This morning, Sunday, going through my checklist I realized that I had not yet completed a multi-modal introduction blog post. Taking a few minutes in my office/study and experimenting with my iPad I decided that using the video camera mode of my iPad would be perfect for the introduction. I made the mistake of attempting to do the introduction without notes. That was a flop. I also realized that was not necessary to tell the world all about myself. I just needed a short, succinct introduction. I also learned that it helps to look at the camera on the iPad. With that said, I made my video  introduction and uploaded it to Vimeo, one of the social media alternatives provided in part one  of “Bootcamp”. This actually worked well and once I installed the photo gallery and video gallery plug-ins I was able to upload the video to my blog. The following is the link to my introduction video: https://vimeo.com/219275203

CPSC 106 Multimodal Introduction from George Zimmerman on Vimeo.

As for customizing my blog, the young lady at the Digital Knowledge Center helped me pick out a design  I thought would look nice and be relatively easy to use. One of the issues that I have with it, and why am going back to visit on Tuesday, is that the design has built-in photographs that I am unable, as a novice, to disable. The other issue that I am having is that I do not understand how to embed my photograph gallery into the blog. For some reason, that I do not understand, the photographs and video are showing up as part of my Safari Challenge photos.I am certain that there is a command or a button that I do not understand yet, but I will get there.

This afternoon after reading the advice on photography contained in the handbook I went outside and took a number of photographs of my woods, while I was walking my dog. My reflection on that experience were posted to the blogand are attached below along with my photo reflection.Photography – What I learned

Yesterday, I took what I called the Photo Safari Challenge and had great fun taking photographs around and in my Land Rover, front driveway, and garage. In all honesty what I put in my blog was actually my second attempt. Bad planning and a lack of attention to detail on my first attempt had me missing at least one of the required photographs. I will say that having viewed the workmanship, of a number of my classmates, on this assignment I need to get a lot more creative. Attached is a copy of my blog post for this assignment which contains my reflections on the Photo Safari.. Photo Safari Challenge

I particularly liked the daily assignments. I have never participated in tweeting before and it was fun getting the chance to exercise my creative juices with daily tweets. Attached below are three of my daily create assignments.

The visual assignment challenge was great fun. I learned how to use some of the old tools of my trade again, specifically PowerPoint. I believe that based on what I saw  my classmates producing I will attempt to find some other software, that do not cost a lot of money, that I can play with to become even more proficient with manipulating media. Attached below are my for visual assignment blog posts and my Spubble.

That’s Not What I Expected

Your love for your pet

Bring Your Pet to School

My Favorite Song Lyric

My wartime spubble

Attached is a copy of a screenshot for my blog comments to one of my classmates:






In all honesty, I am not sure what I expecting when I signed up for this class.

I have found that this class is both rewarding and frustrating.

It is rewarding because I am being forced to go outside of my comfort zone and do things that I never thought possible and have always marveled at when I am on the Internet. A couple of hours ago I was watching one of the videos that was explaining how to use the video gallery plug-in. I started laughing when I realized that the plug in  was the same technology that I always thought as extremely whizbang… It is actually pretty easy.

This class is frustrating in that there is just so much to learn and attention to detail is critical. I am furious with myself for being lazy and not reading the fine print on the excellent tutorials that have been provided. If there is any frustration it is with me. I am really very happy but I am taking this class. I have learned so much in the last few days.

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