Welcome to McDonald’s – May I take your Order

This 1 1/2 star assignment was fun as well as eye opening. My two resources were the online McDonald’s menu and Audacity. After going to the McDonald’s website and picking out three items I would never order, I decided to change the order around. My experience has always been that  I rarely get what I order when I use the drive thru so this was fun.

After writing out a script I recorded my spiel directly into Audacity. I then changed the speech pitch of the counter person at McDonald’s by using the effect menu change pitch option with a 20% frequency change. I played around with changing the speed but that made the entire conversation unintelligible so I stayed with just the frequency change.

Once again the versatility and relative simplicity of using Audacity paid off.

1 thought on “Welcome to McDonald’s – May I take your Order”

  • I thought the audio was very well done. I did not know you could change the speed in Audacity, but I do think that if you had the conversation would have been much more difficult to understand. What was the purpose of this assignment? And were there any other ideas you considered when doing this assignment?

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