Your love for your pet

My Three Amigos

Dani, Willow, and Nelly




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2 thoughts on “Your love for your pet”

  • This collage is so sweet! How old are they? I love the photo of the three of them in the sun. My dogs love sunning themselves too, no matter how hot it gets. I have to coax them back inside with the magic word… “HUNGRY?” so they don’t overheat.

    • My pups are saluki hounds from the Middle East. Dani, the smooth brown male is 9 1/2. Willow, the black one, is7 1/2. Nelly, the feathered sand colored, is 6. Saiph, the pup on the front page, is 1 yr old…My guys LOVE the heat…The also like cold tile floors in the kitchen to cool down with.

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